How Deforestation Leads to Climate Change

The Amazon is a massive carbon sink but it now soaks up only half the CO2 it did 20 years ago.

How to Confront ISIS

The next president will face tough decisions that include whether to commit significant ground forces, how much to support the Kurds, and what to do about Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Trade and the U.S. Presidential Election

The next president’s trade policy will affect millions of Americans, the U.S. economy and global strategic interests.

Can the U.S. and China Avoid Conflict?

How will the next president deal with a rising China on Asia-Pacific security, trade, and cybersecurity?

What’s Next for Immigration?

Comprehensive immigration reform has eluded Washington for years while the fates of the estimated eleven million undocumented immigrants lie in the balance.

The Eastern Congo

Why does the deadliest conflict since World War II continues to defy efforts at pacification?

Ending Child Marriage

Child marriage not only violates human rights laws but also threatens stability and economic development around the world.

The Sunni-Shia Divide

An ancient religious divide is helping fuel a resurgence of conflicts in the Middle East and Muslim countries.

The Time of the Kurds

Some Kurds may soon achieve their century-old quest for independence as a result of regional turmoil.

The Emerging Arctic

Arctic sea ice is melting at a pace few nations can afford to ignore, yielding potentially lucrative returns in energy, minerals, and shipping, and possibly new sources for conflict.

The Taliban

As the international combat mission in Afghanistan closes, the Taliban threatens to destabilize the region, harbor terrorist groups, and set back human rights and economic development.

Iran’s Green Movement

Iran’s opposition Green Movement grew out of public anger at suspected voter fraud in the June 12, 2009, presidential election, but has struggled to regroup following brutal government crackdowns.

Egypt’s Democratic Quest

Egypt’s 2011 revolution marked the latest chapter in Egyptians’ longtime struggle for greater democratic freedoms.

Mexico’s Drug War

Mexico’s security crisis rages on, with fifty thousand people killed in the past five years due to drug and organized crime-related violence.

China’s Maritime Disputes

Territorial disputes in the East and South China Seas fuel concerns over armed conflict, and call into question Washington’s security commitments in the region.

Crisis Guide: Iran

Iran’s ambitions as a regional power and links to terrorist groups pose stiff challenges to its neighbors and the world.

Vaccine-Preventable Outbreaks

Outbreaks of easily preventable diseases remain frequent and widespread, presenting a major global health challenge.

Crisis Guide: Pakistan

Beset by devastating floods, increased terror attacks, and political instability, Pakistan’s precarious state is a matter of global concern.