Crisis Guide: Iran

Project Description

Iran’s ambitions as a regional power, its links to groups considered terrorist organizations, and tensions within the Iranian regime pose a range of challenges to its neighbors and the world. Drawing on the insights of more than twenty-five leading analysts, government officials, and journalists, this interactive guide explores these challenges and offers a range of expert opinions on the policy options for addressing them. The guide also uses multimedia elements to trace the country’s history, examine its oil-driven economy, and survey its controversial nuclear program.

Project Details

Skills Script Writing, Video Editing
Published September 2011

Three-Part Timeline

An interactive timeline takes you through a detailed history from the Persian Empire to the Islamic Republic.

Missile Program

Get a comprehensive understanding of Iran’s missile program by clicking on each missile to see ranges and development status.

Nuclear Map

This interactive map is the most comprehensive resource detailing all of Iran’s known nuclear facilities and test sites.

Policy Options

Watch six videos to hear from the top experts on the top policy options for dealing with Iran.