Ending Child Marriage

Project Description

A deep examination of the threat that child marriage poses both to the prosperity and stability of the countries in which it is prevalent and to U.S. development and foreign policy interests. “Child marriage is linked to poor health, curtailed education, violence, and instability, and perpetuates an intergenerational cycle of poverty that is difficult to break, as the InfoGuide shows,” said CFR Fellow for Women and Foreign Policy Rachel B. Vogelstein, formerly director of policy and senior adviser on global women’s issues at the U.S. State Department. “Its effects harm not only girls but entire families, communities, and economies—and U.S. interests around the world.”

Project Details

Skills Writing, Video, Mapping
View www.cfr.org/childmarriage

Heat Map

An interactive map visualizes the global prevalence of child marriage.

Country Profiles

Taking you from the global to the local, see why child marriage is common in different countries around the world.

Who is a Child?

Most countries prohibit child marriage and set eighteen as the age of adulthood, based on the argument that younger children are not mature enough to make choices about marriage. But in many communities worldwide, social and cultural norms dictate that adulthood begins much earlier. This video explores the “gray area” in defining who a child is.