The Emerging Arctic

Project Description

This interactive feature examines the economic opportunities and environmental risks emerging in the Arctic. Climate change, technological advances, and a growing demand for natural resources are driving a new era of development in the Arctic region. Many experts assert that Arctic summers could be free of sea ice in a matter of decades, opening the region up to hundreds of billions of dollars in investment, most notably in energy production and shipping.

Project Details

Skills Video, Mapping, Data Viz

Mapping the Claims

An interactive map let’s you see the layered geopolitics at the top of the world.

By the Numbers

An infographic visualizing the economic and social impact of the emerging arctic.

For the Love of Venn

A simple visualization to explain the complex multilateral institutions underpinning arctic security and diplomacy.

Cinematic Overview

Expert interviews and stunning on-the-ground photography tell the story of the promises and challenges encrusted in the arctic ice.